News Letter January 2024


We are thrilled to welcome everyone back after the winter break. We have missed the laughter and energy of your little ones, and we are excited to embark on a brand new year of learning and fun together. January brings a fresh start and new opportunities for growth. We have planned a variety of engaging activities and educational experiences to kick off the year with enthusiasm. From arts and crafts to themed learning units, your child will have the chance to explore, create, and discover in a nurturing environment, here is preview of what's to come:


1. Awareness of the Season: Estamos en invierno

2. Animales del polo

3. Colores (Colors).

4. Shapes - Círculo, Triángulo y Cuadrado.

5. Matching and Sorting.

6. Numbers 1, 2, and 3.

7. Play Dough, Crayons, and scissors introduction.

8. Pre-literature; we will be implementing our board “ hoy the quiero contar”

9. Delay Gratification: Gracias and Por Favor. Taking turns.

10. Natural consequences.

11. Blocks and Sensory Table with Seasonal Elements.

black iphone 4 on white and blue textile

Dates to Remember

January 8

School Resumes - Classes resume after the winter break, ready to embrace a new year of learning and growth.

January 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - A day to reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to civil rights.

February 19 to 23

Midwinter Break - A midwinter pause to rest and recharge, returning energized for the rest of the semester.

March 22

Staff Development Day

April 8 to 12

Spring Break - A time to rejuvenate and enjoy the blooming beauty of spring, returning refreshed for the remainder of the academic year.

May 27

Memorial Day - A day to honor and remember the brave individuals who sacrificed for our nation's freedom, observed as a day off from school.

June 19

End of the school Year. PARTY!

June 24 

SUMMER CAMP begins. 

child playing with paper boats in spring puddle